Critical Appraisal Courses

Duncan Bootland, Evan Coughlan, Robert Galloway

Interpreting The Evidence - a one day course

Based on the highly acclaimed critical appraisal book - Critical Appraisal from Papers to Patient, this course is ideal for any health care professional. It is suitable for those at any stage of their career with, or without, any prior critical appraisal knowledge. At the end of the course they will be able to critically appraise papers and improve the care they give to their patients. This course is written and delivered by practising clinicians and concentrates on what is important for us to understand, rather than researchers, so that we can deliver the most effective patient care.  

This one day course is held at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Gatwick.


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Critical Appraisal From Papers to Patient
Having an understanding of critical appraisal and evidence-based medicine is a prerequisite to being an effective clinician. However, critical appraisal is often taught by people not involved in day-to-day clinical care, meaning the clinical relevance is not always brought to the fore.

This book takes a different approach. It is written by clinicians, for clinicians. It takes the reader step by step through the process so that any journal article can be easily read, evidence evaluated and the results - and their reliability - truly understood.

This accessible book is suitable for undergraduates and postgraduates of all medical specialties, nursing, paramedics, pharmacists and all allied health professions. It is the ideal reference for anyone needing help writing a clinical topic review, reviewing a paper in a journal club or preparing for a critical appraisal exam. But most importantly, it is essential for those who wish to practice medicine in the best possible way for their patients, using the best evidence, tailored to the individual.

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