Critical Apprisal For FRCEM

Comments from previous course attendees

“I passed. Thank you for your help on the course.I learn a lot better if I am taught so I found the course really useful as it went through all the specific information required to pass the FCEM and to have the handbooks for reference. I would definitely recommend it to others. “
Dr Hooi-Ling Harrison (ST4)

“Brilliant Course. Very FCEM focused. Similar to real exam conditions.”
Robert Janas, EM trainee.

“Just a quick note to say thank you again for a great 2 days. My brain is still aching but I'm feeling a lot more positive about the exam now.
Will not hesitate to recommend your course to others.”
Lianne, ST5 at Basingstoke

“I thought you might be interested that I passed my critical appraisal exam on the first attempt. Thank you for this amazing course I’m sure I wouldn't have done it without it.  PS. I'm an ex trainee so currently a non trainee and we're supposed to have a higher failure rate.”
Anna Williams

"Passed Critical Appraisal on the first go with the help of this fantastic course; engaging instructors, tons of practice material....highly recommended! Thank you!!!”
Dr. Eziefa Obuseh

“Thank you all for a very well run course.  The information you needed to get across was complex but you managed to deliver it in understandable bite sized chunks  and you managed to keep the collective group understanding all the way - a fantastic achievement ! Hard work but thoroughly worth it!  
Thank you all again.”
 Anna stubbs

“I would appreciate the effort you all have put in for this course.
I feel really comfortable and confident to deal with critical appraisal exam after attending this course at Brighton.
You are an amazing teacher I must say.
Thanks for all your help.”
Satinder Mann, Locum Consultant GEH Nuneaton 

“Thanks Rob, Evan and Duncan!
Brilliant course!
Really hard subject brilliantly taught!”
Rebekah Sharr, ST4 KSS

"I traveled all the way from Australia to attend this course . It was excellent course. I passed my critical appraisal paper after failing it once before.Thanks to all the facilitators, they were excellent teachers"
Zafar Khan

“I passed the critical appraisal FCEM (Spring diet) so I thought I would let you know and say thank you for what was a fantastic course, I would have struggled to pass the exam without it.”
Beatrice Dyer

"There was comprehensive coverage of the material needed, tailored to passing the examination. The information was made easy to understand and there was opportunity to practise papers to aid understanding further."
Alison Ogilvie, ST6 Emergency Medicine

"I would recommend the course as a must before FCEM exam"
Dr. Joginder Solanki, ST Emergency Medicine

"If you don't know anything or know just a little about critical appraisal this course will enable you to gain the knowledge needed and you will be more likely to pass."
Tarken Ergene, ST Emergency Medicine

"Making simple sense of critical appraisal. Never before was I told this in simple terms. Brilliant."
Bharath Reddy, StR ED

"Enthusiastically delivered course, essential for passing critical appraisal."
Nick Bagley ST Emergency Medicine

"Thanks a million guys; great course. Really feel comfortable now for the 'test'."
Eoin Fogarty, ST Dublin

"Very useful for FCEM ( 95% C.I 99-100%!!).  Overall very good resource for consolidation of knowledge.  Has clarified pertinent points.  Has spurred me on to continue revision for critical appraisal exam and increased confidence in tackling the papers for the exam."
Ben Atkinson, ST5 Southampton

"An outstanding course to help you prepare for the mystery of the critical appraisal exam."
Chris Hillam, ST5 Southampton

"Excellent course. Very useful to understand critical appraisal for CTR and exams."
Anil Rajashelear, ST Emergency Medicine

"I passed my critical appraisal - thank you. You may be already aware that one of the papers we discussed was what we got in the exam.   As for the course, it was well planned and very organised.  benefitted from it as it was useful in consolidating what I already knew and focussing on exam related aspects. Thank you once again. "
Ratna Merugumalla FCEM, ST6 Emergency Medicine

"A high yielding course that is a must for anyone sitting the FCEM. A Structured, thorough, and patient approach makes this course enjoyable and critical appraisal un-daunting."
Hasan Qayyum FCEM, ST6 in Emergency Medicine

"I have my passed the exam .Thank you very much for the advice during the course.  It was very helpful and not rushed at all. I have already recommended it to two of my colleagues."
Rangaswamy Mothukuri, ST6 in Emergency Medicine 

“I think the critical appraisal course was excellent. It was tailored at the right level for the FCEM, I found the critical appraisal section of the exam easy and knew exactly what to expect. I think the course would also help candidates with their CTR as critical appraisal suddenly becomes a lot clearer after the course and I would only suggest that candidates do the course early and before they submit their CTR.”  
Ghassan Youssef, SpR Emergency Medicine

“I think your course is the best critical appraisal course because of the following reasons 
1. By Emergency Physicians (EP) for EPs., 
2. Two mock exams under exam condition. 
3. Feedback on our answers and group discussion on the mock exams, 
4. Very friendly and approachable instructors., 
5. Excellent and easy to read course manual. I have and will recommend it to everyone.” 
Nasser Ahmed, ST6 in EM, Princess Royal University Hospital, Kent

“Just a quick note to say "thank you" for the critical appraisal course. I really had no idea what was involved in this section of the exam, but over the 2 days I really feel I have a confident grasp of what is required. Still a lot more practice to get there, but the workbooks are comprehensive and are a real help to keeping it fresh in my mind! Please could you pass on my regards to the faculty, and hope this finds you all well”. 
Lori Anderson, SpR Emergency medicine

“Critical appraisal was a nightmare until I attended this course.. Until then I feared reading papers. Now I enjoy reading papers. Moreover, the course is very exam oriented. The course has made Medical stats seem easy and relishing. I could pass Critical appraisal at 1st sitting and I would recommend this course to all FCEM trainees. I thank Rob & his team for hard work they have put in to organise this course.” 
Dr KP Shajeer, ST5, Emergency Medicine,  Oxford deanery   

“I did the course knowing next to nothing about critical appraisal. I passed first time, thanks to the course. I would still be doing nights as a registrar now if it wasn’t for spending those two days getting my head round critical appraisal.” 
Martin Duff, Consultant EM BSUH NHS Trust

"Having attended [another] course prior, I found this course much more focused and useful for EM trainees. The lecturers were enthusiastic and knowledgeable and with lots to cover, they made some difficult topics easy to understand. The handouts were comprehensive and practice papers extremely useful. As they had sat the critical appraisal exam recently, there was understanding and empathy for what we were going through. Having just passed the FCEM, I have already recommended this course to other trainees in my region. "
Spencer Cheung, ST6 Salisbury District Hospital, Wessex Trainee

"Before I attended the critical appraisal course I didn't even know or realise how little I knew on the topic! The guys that run the course understand statistics and critical appraisal to a level that most of us never will. Because of that they able to explain and break down explanations and re-explain to ensure everyone in the room understands  - and hence cater not only for the candidates who find it all really hard (like me) but also for those who want to achieve a higher level of understanding or have a heated debate! I would recommend this course as essential for anyone sitting the FCEM it would also be useful to do before you write your CTR. However it would be useful for any and all clinicians who want to get more from reading a paper."
Fleur Cantle, Consultant Adult and Paediatric EM, Kings Hospital, London. 

"The exam was the same as your practice paper! Even the questions were incredibly similar. Fantastic course, very thorough and clear. Taught with great enthusiasm. Vigorously shook the scales from my eyes regarding critical appraisal"
Mark Whitcomb. Royal Surrey hospital

"Just to let you know I passed the Critical Appraisal exam first time! And I didn't even understand the paper LOL.  On a serious note your course was excellent! Thanks."
Faheem Obaidhuilla

"I wanted to thank you all for the excellent critical appraisal course you run.  It helped me immeasurably in this diet of FCEM; also, surprisingly one of the practice paper's to appraise on the course was the paper that was given in the exam!  It helped that I had already read the paper and practised in answering the questions.
The course itself was very useful, not only in answering the exam questions but in general day to day reading of medical literature."
Dr Krish Parthasarathy, MBBS, DNB(ortho), MRCS, MCEM ( Year 6 Speciality Trainee - KSS)